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About Songs for NYSARC

Songs for NYSARC

Inspired by our self-advocates, families, volunteers and staff, Songs for NYSARC helps increase public awareness about people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities ("I/DD").

By buying downloads or donating you will help us to continue providing services and advocacy to and with people with I/DD and their families.

Join us in using music to change the world for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities!

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This is a grassroots campaign, so there's no big record company pushing plays on radio stations; we need to push plays in living rooms. NYSARC supports more than 60,000 people with I/DD through 49 community-based Chapters and 6 developmental center Chapters. Join your local Chapter’s team today and get your friends and family to join you in sharing music to inspire support. Songs for NYSARC puts the funds where they make the most difference - in your community!

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 "While there may be some doubt as to how much we may be able to change our
  children for the world's sake, there can be no doubt about how much we must
  change the world for our children's sake."

Joseph T. Weingold, Former Executive Director, NYSARC, Inc.   

About the Songs for NYSARC Campaign

There are four songs produced for this initiative, all created through a close collaboration of talented songwriters, musicians and parents to inspire compassion through music.

"I Am" is an example of one that embodies the mission of NYSARC and its Chapters; to encourage those we serve to believe in all they can become. It was written by Liz Longley, a singer-songwriter from Nashville who was also a volunteer that worked with I/DD individuals.

Her unique experience, talent, training and sense of compassion helped create a song that inspires people to believe in all they can be.

Join us in sharing these songs to inspire support so we can continue to help people achieve their dreams.

Our goal is to use music to help people better understand the human perspective; the challenges, dreams and desires of individuals with I/DD, and to help people realize that they're really no different when it comes down to the human condition. We all strive for and can achieve personal growth, love, and a full life.

We invite you to listen to these inspiring songs and support your local chapter by buying a few downloads, making a donation, and sharing the music with others to help make our part of the world a bit more compassionate.

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